Welcome to Promovendus – the web portal of TU Dresden for doctoral candidates and postdocs

You intend to do your doctorate at TU Dresden? Or do you already conduct your doctoral studies at TU Dresden? With Promovendus, you can apply for:

  • Acceptance as a doctoral candidate by a Faculty of TU Dresden
  • Opening of doctorate proceedings at your Faculty
  • Membership as doctoral candidate at the Graduate Academy

You have completed a doctorate and are employed in a research position or hold a fellowship at TU Dresden or HZDR? Promovendus allows you to:

  • Register as a junior researcher at TU Dresden or HZDR
  • Apply for membership as postdoc at the Graduate Academy

To be able to log in to Promovendus, you need to register as user once.

If you are already registered, you can login here with your ZIH user account.